Counselling outcomes

Our Counselling service aims to improve mental health and wellbeing in our commnunities.  Hear the difference this has made for the lives of some of our recent clients:


I felt listened to and understood in a counselling situation I could relax in, rely on, and start to understand my problems and how to tackle them.


I would especially like to thank my counsellor. He listened, provided perspective, encouraged me to talk and think in positive ways which helped me better understand myself and my issues. He was a wonderful facilitator of the start of my journey back to confidence and mental good health.


I have had a very positive experience.  I found my counsellor to be a very skilful and understanding person. They allowed me space and time, which I think was the right approach for me. I’m in a much more positive position in my life now.


Unexpected results and a necessary step in getting some form of life back.