Dealing with anxiety

Every Mind Matters from the NHS

Top tips to cope with anxiety from the NHS. This page explains a bit about what anxiety is, and has links to other useful sources and activities.

It includes this quiz Every Mind Matter plan and quiz Answer the 5 questions get tips and practical activities for you.

Relaxation audio guides

Feeling tense? These are some audio relaxation techniques from the NHS, you can select one and listen as they talk you through short relaxation exercises.


Lots of people recommend and practice mindfulness, this is a kind of meditation which you do on a regular basis, focussing on the present and with the aim of taking you away from your worries and anxieties. It may not work for everyone, but if you'd like to try it there are lots of online courses,

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre has these free videos to talk you through it: OMC Youtube playlist

or try this free app on your phone: or this one (some free, some pay for sections) 

Or some free blogs, ideas and apps here (you may need to create an account for some of the options)

Online community and creativity 

Connect and Do

Connect & Do are based in Lambeth, they run workshops and activities about bringing people together through shared interests. All their weekly activities are online and FREE, includes laughter yoga, drawing workshop and choir.