Susan was referred to Centre 70 for advice as she was facing eviction, she ended up becoming a volunteer with us through our INSPIRE project:

“When I came to C70 I was really stressed, in a bad way, physically and mentally, exhausted and very upset. I felt traumatised, because it was the second time I was getting evicted from my home.

The Housing adviser helped me in so many ways, he was not just professional but very understanding, I really needed that kind of empathy. I was talking to him about sorting myself out, and he thought I'd be good for INSPIRE - It's been a turning point for me.

As a volunteer, I've shadowed a few advisors. I've been with the outreach worker, we went out to see clients and to the college to deal with students. That was interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed that. I've been contacting clients with regards to getting feedback on the work that C70 does and I've been learning how to use the database.

When I was shadowing there was a difficult incident where what one of the clients was going through was difficult to hear. As a volunteer there's only so much I can do; I spoke to the adviser and asked how they would deal with it, I spoke to the Inspire project coordinator. It was dealt with by the director so I didn't feel that I needed to worry too much about the client. There are people here who can support you when challenges come up.

Coming here as a volunteer and doing things I haven't done for a long time, or new things, that's helped build me up. I've got a long way to go but it's helped me enormously. Interacting with people here and outside - when I'm at home I'm going through the same routines, not communicating much or seeing others.

What's next?

It would be nice if I could get a job here!  I thoroughly enjoy being here, I hope volunteering will lead me to some kind of work where it's not just for the money but for the satisfaction as well. It's given me a purpose."


18:52, 09 Jun 2019 by Kate White